Trinomab Completes Share Reform and Meets Milestone 2023-06-26

On June 26, 2023, Trinomab announced that the completion of process of the company’s share restructuring and registration of its new name as Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in Jinwan Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Zhuhai.


Recently, a meeting to launch founding of Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd followed by the the first general meeting of the company’s shareholders were successfully held in Zhuhai. The meeting reviewed and unanimously approved the preparation reports related to the share reform, name change of Zhuhai Trinomab Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as a “limited liability company” to Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd as a “joint stock limited company” and articles of the new company,elected members of the Board of Directors, appointed leadership team of key administrative officials and passed company’s administrative procedures and operational protocols. Representatives of IPO sponsor, accounting firm and law firm were invited to attend the conference to witness the important moment of Trinomab's new journey.


The convening of the founding meeting of Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the successful completion of the share restructuring represented an important milestone in the company's development progress, marking a crucial step in the company's listing plan, Mr. Zheng Weihong, CEO and President of Trinomab said.

We will also take the share reform as an opportunity to continuously improve the governance mechanism and promote the sustainable development of the company with high quality, Mr. Zheng added.

About Trinomab

Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a global expansion perspective. The company is mainly engaged in R&D of novel fully native human mAb drugs. The core technology of the company is known as the fourth-generation antibody technology HitmAb®, a proprietary technology platform featuring differentiated advantages and high efficiency for the discovery of fully native human mAbs.


With the mission of “Creating Clinical Value”, Trinomab has two products currently in clinical development phases. TNM001 injection(anti-RSV long half-life monoclonal antibody)is currently in Phase I/IIb clinical trials and will be soon entering the confirmatory phase II/III clinical trials this fall. TNM002 injection (anti-tetanus toxin monoclonal antibody) is in phase III clinical trials that has completed the enrollment of more than 600 subjects in April. NDA of TNM002 is expected to be filled in this fall. TNM005 Injection (anti-VZV monoclonal antibody) received IND approval from FDA. IND of TNM006 injection (anti-hCMV monoclonal antibody) and TNM009 injection (anti-NGF monoclonal antibody as a pain killer) has recently been approved for clinical trials in China by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in April. Phase I trial of TNM009 will roll out in coming months. In addition, several more products are in preparation of IND filling with additional more antibody projects on the horizon.