Dr. Huaxin Liao Chairman & CTO


Dr. Huaxin Liao had his undergraduate study in medicine in the Shanghai Medical University, received his PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), and completed his postdoctoral research at Duke University, USA. Prior to returning to China, Dr. Liao was a faculty member and professor in the Duke University Medical Center, and the research director of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute.

In his over 30-years of extensive scientific research career, as a principal investigator, Dr. Liao has received numerous research grants from the funding institutions from US and China. Dr. Liao’s scientific research has been focused on virology, immunology and vaccinology especially on AIDS vaccines, has demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects and has published more than 240 scientific research papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals including Nature, Science, Cell and other top tier journals, and has hold more than 50 US, China and other international patents. 

Dr. Huaxin Liao with Mr. Weihong Zheng co-founded the Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Trinomab) and is currently the Chairman & CTO with responsibility of company strategic oversight and R&D development.

Weihong Zheng CEO & President

Mr. Weihong Zheng received an EMBA from the Peking University HSBC Business School. He was the General Manager of Oasis Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Chia Tai Pharmaceutical Group (HK01177) and has been engaged in sales, marketing and management in medically related business for over 20 years. He has previously also successfully founded and managed several innovative biotech companies, with rich experience in business strategy and management.

Mr. Zheng with Dr. Huaxin Liao co-founded the Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Trinomab), and is the CEO & President with responsibility of the company’s operation and management, strategic planning and investment as well as financing.

Dr. Wanmei Wang Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Senior Vice President

Wanmei Wang graduated from Southern Medical University and received her Doctor of Science degree from the Royal Hospital of Copenhagen University in Denmark. Dr. Wanmei Wang has extensive experience in investigational new drug clinical protocol design, IND to Phase I-III clinical trial development, NDA and global regulatory agency communication and negotiation.

Prior to joining Trinomab, Dr. Wanmei Wang was the General Manager of R&D at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, China, a multinational company, where she was responsible for establishing, running and managing an international pharmaceutical study site in Beijing, China, and she built a strong clinical development pipeline in China at the same time, driving eight clinical development programs to complete studies from Phase I to Phase III. She also served as Clinical Vice President at CStone Pharmaceuticals, where She was responsible for project management, clinical development strategy formulation, drug safety alerts, and analysis of medical trends and clinical study dynamics, and made significant contributions to the successful launch of several CStone Pharmaceuticals products.

In 2021, Dr. Wanmei Wang joined Trinomab as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, responsible for clinical development, registration strategy and clinical operations management of Trinomab's product pipeline in China, the U.S. and around the world.

Gang Li General Manager of Production (vice president level)

Gang Li graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and received his master's degree in biopharmaceutical engineering from East China University of Science and Technology. Working in manufacturing and quality management in the biopharmaceutical field for more than 25 years, he has led and participated in the GMP production of more than ten biological products and has led the design, construction, commissioning and validation operations of several biopharmaceutical plants.

He has successively engaged in production and quality management in Shenyang No. 1 Pharmaceutical Factory of Northeast Pharm, Shenzhen Bio Kangtai Co., Ltd., Beijing Minhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Livzon Group Vaccine Engineering Co., Ltd., and Zhuhai Livzon Mab Biotechnology Co., Ltd. He has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in biotechnology, aseptic technology, GMP, engineering construction, safety and environmental management, etc., as well as extensive experience in commercial large-scale production, technology transfer, and pilot scale-up of genetically engineered protein drugs, genetically engineered vaccines, bacterin and viral vaccines, and monoclonal antibody drugs. He is proficient in the requirements of domestic drug GMP, registration regulations and technical guidelines, European and American drug GMP and other related requirements, and has experienced a number of domestic and international quality audits.

He joined Trinomab in 2019 and was responsible for the construction and operation of the company's antibody production facility, driving technology transfer, clinical sample production, manufacturing process validation for each item in the product pipeline through to commercial production.

Dr. Chengming Li Vice President of CMC

Chengming Li received his Ph.D. in cell biology from North Carolina State University (NCSU). In 2003, he joined the internationally renowned company Bayer as a senior researcher.

He has been engaged in the cloning and expression of pharmaceutical molecules such as long-acting recombinant  coagulation-factor-VIII and plasminogen for ten years, and has obtained a number of patent authorizations. In addition, Dr. Li also presided over and participated in the establishment, recombinant expression and production of cell lines for several recombinant protein products.

After joining Trinomab, Dr. Li is mainly responsible for the establishment and operation of the company's CLD department, and now is responsible for the company's CMC pre-clinical development.

Dr. Meizhuo Zhang Vice President of Statistics and Data Management

Dr. Meizhuo Zhang graduated from Fudan University with a major in chemistry. She obtained master's degree in applied mathematics and computer science and a doctorate degree in computer science from the University of Houston in the United States, and then did postdoctoral research at Yale University in the United States.  

Before joining Trinomab, Dr. Zhang Meizhuo served as the head of biostatistics and bioinformatics departments in well-known biopharmaceutical companies such as Bayer and AstraZeneca, providing innovative statistical and informatics solutions for drug development. She participated in and designed a number of clinical trials to support the development of new drugs. She has nearly 20 years of experience in clinical data statistical analysis, data mining, data management and clinical trial design.

After joining Trinomab, she is mainly responsible for the trial design, data management and statistical analysis of clinical studies in the company's multiple international centers.

Dr. Xiaohu Kuang Vice President

Dr. Xiaohu Kuang holds an eight-year doctorate degree in clinical medicine from Tsinghua University/Peking Union Medical College and an MBA degree from IESE Business School. Dr. Kuang has more than 10 years of experience in the field of medicine, including global strategy, clinical development, marketing and medical consultation of prescription drugs, and has rich overseas work experience and entrepreneurial experience. Since 2019, he has been responsible for clinical project management at Trinomab.

Wengui Zhao General Manager of Marketing for Greater China (vice president level)

Wengui Zhao graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics with EMBA degree and majored in clinical medicine and applied psychology. After college graduation, he has been holding multiple important positions in the well-known listed company "Kangzhe Pharmaceutical". Mr. Zhao Wengui has been working in the field of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. From provincial and regional teams to the group marketing department and medical department, he has rich experience in business development, building efficient teams, marketing layout, enterprise strategy and commercialization. It covers the sales, marketing and medicine of the marketing system, and has extensive experience in strategic planning and business operation. After joining Trinomab, Mr. Zhao Wengui responsible for development of the company's marketing strategies, sales plan and market development of products, product life cycle management and other related work.

Dr. Guo Li Vice President

Dr. Guo Li received his Ph.D. degree in genetics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, he is a senior researcher in the biomedical industry and a toxicologist certified by the Chinese Society of Toxicology. Dr. Li has published 14 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Li has accumulated more than 13 years of experience in preclinical drug development. He had worked in Hong Kong New Alpha Innovation, Zhuhai Livzon MAB and Guangzhou LintonPharm, and completed the non-clinical efficacy and clinical biological analysis of several varieties, and some of them have been approved for marketing and clinical use. After joining Trinomab, Dr. Li is responsible for pre-clinical and BA team management to further standardize and strengthen research and development of innovative antibody drugs. 

Dr. Xiaohui Yuan Board Secretary (Vice President level)

Dr. Xiaohui Yuan has presided over the declaration of many government science and technology projects, participated in the construction of high-throughput natural human antibody platform and the development of human anti-rabies antibody projects, and published many scientific research papers. As a core member of the early Trinomab team, he is mainly responsible for the board office, foreign business and investment and financing, government affairs and intellectual property management.