【New Quality Productive Forces】Biopharmaceutical Benchmark: Trinomab Honored Among Top 50 Biopharmaceutical R&D Capabilities in China 2024 2024-07-05

On July 4th, 2024, the International Pharmaceutical Service Industry Innovation and Development Conference and the 9th China Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation Summit (PDI Summit) were grandly held at the Xiong'an Convention and Exhibition Center in China. With the leading of the CAS, together with hundreds of elites from the government, industry, medical, academic and capital sectors, to discuss the future and challenges of biopharmaceutical R&D. The authoritative and influential six lists of “China Pharmaceutical R&D Strength Ranking List” which is organized by the PDI Summit organizing committee and the Expert Committee of China’s Pharmaceutical R&D Capability Rankings were unveiled amid great anticipation.


Zhuhai Trinomab Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Trinomab”) has been listed among the “Top 50 Biopharmaceutical R&D Capabilities in China 2024” due to its groundbreaking advancements in new drug development and technological innovation. This list aims to identify and honor pioneers in pharmaceutical R&D, inspiring those who contribute exceptionally to the industry’s progress and lead the construction of innovative pharmaceutical productivity.


Trinomab: A Biopharma Benchmark Enterprise for New Quality Productive Forces

In the pharmaceutical sector, New Quality Productive Forces signify a profound technological revolution and a tide of innovation. Driven by groundbreaking scientific achievements, it propels the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry towards greater efficiency and quality. In the context the "Healthy China" strategy, innovation has become a cornerstone for building national health.


As a leading enterprise in fourth-generation antibody technology, Trinomab persists in its spirit of continuous innovation and breakthroughs, exploring new targets, mechanisms, and technologies for innovative drugs in the biomedical field. During R&D, Trinomab focuses on technological innovation, leveraging its globally leading fourth-generation fully human natural monoclonal antibody technology platform "HitmAb®", which generates native  human antibodies for clinical use. These antibodies offer superior advantage in safety, accessibility, efficacy, and stability over the blood-derived antibody drugs.


The "Top 50 Biopharmaceutical R&D Capabilities in China 2024" not only aggregates the power of medical innovation but also serves as a robust testament to the thriving rise of New Quality Productive Forces. These listed companies, akin to beacons, illuminate the path forward for the industry, guiding biopharmaceuticals across various disease areas to "bid farewell to the traditional past and embark on a journey to new productivity".


A New Era in Tetanus Prevention and Treatment: Source Innovation Leads to Safety and Accessibility

In the field of tetanus prevention, we are on the cusp of witnessing profound transformations driven by source innovation. In 1991, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed tetanus antitoxin (TAT) from the global essential medicines list【1】, while developed countries like Europe and the United States have already phased TAT out in favor of human tetanus immunoglobulin (HTIG) derived from human plasma. As medical technology advances and public health awareness rises, China's latest clinical guidelines and expert consensus on tetanus immunity explicitly state that TAT is no longer the first-choice medication.


However, in China, there are 50 to 60 million people every year still receive TAT that is prepared from horse plasma, which may cause allergic reactions with risk rate from 5% to 30%【2】. Anaphylactic shock among the allergic reactions caused by TAT can be extremely dangerous and fatal with rate of 0.001%. HTIG, while having advantage in safety, carries the potential risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens and is limited by source of plasma supply, resulting in low accessibility. Therefore, there is a significant unmet needs in China as well as other countries for tetanus prevention and treatment. it is necessary to develop new drug for prophylaxis against tetanus, which is not only a safer alternative, but also suitable for industrial production to meet wider clinical needs to promote public health.


Siltartoxatug Injection is the world's first recombinant anti-tetanus toxin monoclonal antibody for prophylaxis against tetanus, which is developed and produced by Trinomab with its proprietary technology, featuring as a native human monoclonal antibody specifically targets the critical functional sites on tetanus toxin resulting in effectively neutralizing tetanus toxin. As an innovative antibody drug, Siltartoxatug Injection has been granted the “Breakthrough” designation by Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in March 2022 and the Fast Track designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in August 2022. New Drug Application (NDA) for Siltartoxatug injection has been formally accepted by China NMPA on December 5, 2023 and has then been awarded with the priority review process by the administration on the next day.


Siltartoxatug Injection is intended for emergency tetanus prevention in adults. The drug not only avoids the risk of potential blood-borne infectious disease transmission, ensuring safety and reliability, but also has the advantages of fast onset of action, long-duration of protection, and high accessibility. The advent of Siltartoxatug Injection will initiate a major reformation in tetanus prevention and change the backward appearance of the reliance on horse and human plasma which are the raw material of conservative passive immunization. Adopting recombinant monoclonal antibody technology as an innovative means, and achieving breakthrough innovation in technology, is epoch-making progress in the field of tetanus prevention, and has set up the development banner of Chinese source innovation medicine riding the wind and waves.


Trinomab's innovative journey sets a benchmark for biopharmaceuticals under the banner of New Quality Productive Forces and constitutes a positive contribution to global public health. The company will always obedience to its mission of "Creating Clinical Value," focusing on the development of New Quality Productive Forces and contributing Chinese wisdom and strength to promote human health.


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